Miss Dixie Lilly
Foaled:   18 Sep 2021         Height:   15
Color:   Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail Sex:   M
Registered:   22200286 Leads:   Yes
Blood Typed:   No Ties:   Yes
Green Broke:   No Clips:   Yes
Professional Training:   No Loads:   Yes
Training Length:   Bathes:   Yes
Show Experience:   No Vaccines:   No
Trail Experience:   No Wormings:   Yes
Other Registration:   None DNA Tested:   Yes
For your consideration: Miss Dixie Lilly (Dixie Lineman x I'll Show You) Born September 18, 2021. Leads, loads, bathes, has had feet trimmed. Ready to start this Fall. Flashy and sweet - email me if interested. More photos will be available soon.
Seller's Name:   Lynn Raciti-Shost
City:   Shelbyville
State:   Tennessee
Email address:   dreamwalkingfarm@peoplepc.com
Coin's Hard Cash (S)
  Lined with Cash (S)
Gen's Silver Lining (D)
The Dixie Lineman (S)
Pride's Generator (S)
  Gen's Dixie Crystals (D)
Pushin in Dixie (D)
Pride's Generator (S)
  Generator's Showboat (S)
Elusive Favorite (D)
I'll Show You (D)
I'm Dumas Walker (S)
  Miss Ellie Walker (D)
Dark Spirit's Maid (D)

Miss Dixie Lilly Miss Dixie Lilly
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