Gen secret girl
Foaled:   6 Oct 1995         Height:   15.1
Color:   Sorrel Sex:   M
Registered:   959901 Leads:   Yes
Blood Typed:   Yes Ties:   Yes
Green Broke:   Yes Clips:   Yes
Professional Training:   No Loads:   Yes
Training Length:   Bathes:   Yes
Show Experience:   No Vaccines:   No
Trail Experience:   No Wormings:   Yes
Other Registration:   None DNA Tested:   Yes
She is sound and healthy, easy to handle. Came in heat July 4th so can be bred. I included a picture of her last filly now 2.
Seller's Name:   gerald vinson
City:   franklin
State:   North Carolina
Telephone:   1-828-371-1831
Email address:
Interesting facts about the pedigree:
Direct out of prides generator!!

Midnight sun (S)
  Pride of midnight H.F (S)
Pride of Stanley (D)
Prides generator (S)
Spirit of midnight (S)
  H.F. spirits NELL (D)
Nells last ladysecrets (D)
Pride of midnight h.f. (S)
  Prides secret threat (S)
Triple threat rose (D)
Secrets sun goddess (D)
Midnight mack k. (S)
  Mack k society c. (D)
High society c. (D)

Gen secret girl Gen secret girl
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