Splashed With Champagne
Stone Ridge Walking Horse Ranch

Foaled:   17 Apr 2002         Height:   15.1
Color:   Champagne Tobiano Sex:   S
Registered:   20214015 Leads:   Yes
Blood Typed:   Yes Ties:   Yes
Green Broke:   Yes Clips:   Yes
Professional Training:   Yes Loads:   Yes
Training Length:   Bathes:   Yes
Show Experience:   No Vaccines:   Yes
Trail Experience:   Yes Wormings:   Yes
Other Registration:   None DNA Tested:   Yes
We are offering our Tennessee Walking Horse stud - Splashed With Champagne – registration #20214015 - available for breeding services during the 2020 season. Champ is a 15.1 hand, solidly built gentleman with gorgeous movement - an absolutely great ride. This guy is sweet, kind, and friendly to humans and mares (even w/ foals at their side). Along with his amazing conformation and gait, this wonderful in-your-pocket-friendly stud passes on his inquisitive nature, too. Not only does he carry the champagne gene and the tobiano gene, but the creme gene as well, so regardless of your mare, you have plenty of stunning color possibilities along with personality that he will pass along to your foals. Stud fee is $500. We offer live cover only and a live foal guarantee. To learn more, call, text, or swing by our site.
Seller's Name:   Rachel Geerdes
City:   Trail
State:   Oregon
Email address:   rgeerdes23@yahoo.com
Website:   Stone Ridge Walking Horse Ranch
Paint's Moon Man (S)
  Go Boy's Gold Insignia (S)
Emily's Rose (D)
Champagne Insignia Go Boy (S)
Shocker's Somebody (S)
  Shocker's Merry Lady (D)
Dragon Lady 88 (D)
Pride's Generator (S)
  Hillbilly's Bud Lite (S)
Delight's Mtn. Gold (D)
Champagne Lady Gen (D)
H-D's Golden Sun (S)
  Valley Brook Cheyene (D)
Ebony's Sunshine W. (D)

Splashed With Champagne
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