Dakota Cash
PoJo Ranch
Foaled:   10 Jul 2017         Height:   15.1
Color:   Bay Sex:   S
Registered:   21701750 Leads:   Yes
Blood Typed:   Yes Ties:   Yes
Green Broke:   No Clips:   Yes
Professional Training:   Yes Loads:   Yes
Training Length:   45 days Bathes:   Yes
Show Experience:   No Vaccines:   Yes
Trail Experience:   Yes Wormings:   Yes
Other Registration:   None DNA Tested:   Yes
Now standing at stud in Goodspring, TN. Dakota Cash AKA Cody was sired by Saddle Brook's Arrow's Dakota Dude out of a Master of Jazz mare. He's a beautiful bay with only a heart on his face and a near hind fetlock. He is a lover for sure. Great disposition runs to the fence when he sees a real person. Always looking for affection and attention. He has been trailed trained and proven to have a good head on his shoulders. He will look at an obstacle smell and move on. Little to no spook when he was trained. Any spook was strictly a 4 foot plant to check it out and then move on. Cody has a line to some great using horses. He would probably do well herding cows. He has some fancy well known names in his pedigree; Pride's Generator, The Pusher C.G. 2X, Prides Gold Coin will show on his papers. His first foal is due in September 2020. He was bred to a homozygous black mare so the foal will definitely be a bay. He is DNA tested to be Ee AA. No sabino. Bring him your perlinos and he'll give you a buckskin 50% of the time. If you bring a perlino that is homozygous black you will get a buckskin every time. Bring a mare that is homozygous black and you will get a bay. He should pass on that marvelous disposition and affection for people. Currently offering only live cover. Mares must have a clean Coggins and be up to date on shots. If she is ready to go you can probably pick her up the next day. Cody settled his 1st mare in one day. Mare care is $8 a day after the 1st 5 days. Save money by having her vet tested to see if she is ready. If she tests not in foal on the 1st breeding bring her back. Live foal guarantee!
Seller's Name:   Paula Aulton
City:   Goodspring
State:   Tennessee
Telephone:   918-207-6720
Email address:   pojoranch@gmail.com
Blue Gold (S)
  Arrows Dakota GOld (S)
Dakota Evening Star (D)
Arrows Dakota Dude (S)
Slush Creek Jubal S (S)
  Jubals Bright Angel (D)
Zephyr Good and Ready (D)
A Jazz Man (S)
  Master of Jazz (S)
Precious Pusher BW (D)
Uncommon Hope (D)
Coin's Hard Cash (S)
  Cash's Karma (D)
Fascinated by Pusher (D)

Dakota Cash Dakota Cash
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