Iceman's Star-Lord
Foaled:   3 Apr 2019         Height:  
Color:   Buckskin Sex:   S
Registered:   21900735 Leads:   Yes
Blood Typed:   No Ties:   Yes
Green Broke:   No Clips:   No
Professional Training:   No Loads:   No
Training Length:   Bathes:   No
Show Experience:   No Vaccines:   No
Trail Experience:   No Wormings:   Yes
Other Registration:   None DNA Tested:   Yes
Registered TWHBEA, papers in hand , Sire is Perlino, Dam is black, color coat analyzed, he is a buckskin, EEAaN/Cr. Located in Western Ky. near Mayfield. He is super smart, excellent mover. String tested at 15.2-15.3 at maturity...We have Sire and Dam on site.
Seller's Name:   Andy or Michelle Pendel
City:   Mayfield
State:   Kentucky
Telephone:   270-705-4634
Email address:
Iceman's Star-Lord
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