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Holmes Farm Walkers
Foaled:   20 May 2015         Height:   15.2+
Color:   Perlino Sex:   S
Registered:   21501102 Leads:   Yes
Blood Typed:   No Ties:   Yes
Green Broke:   No Clips:   Yes
Professional Training:   No Loads:   Yes
Training Length:   Bathes:   Yes
Show Experience:   No Vaccines:   Yes
Trail Experience:   No Wormings:   Yes
Other Registration:   None DNA Tested:   Yes
Buckskin producers and enthusiasts take a look!! GUARANTEED BUCKSKIN PRODUCING STALLION! Bucks is a 4 year old tested AA EE CrCr! Homozygous agouti, black, and cream. That means that when you breed a black, bay, chestnut, or sorrel you are 100% guaranteed a buckskin foal. And you couldn't ask for a prettier conformation than Bucks'. He is the whole package. His sire is the well known and proven The Buck Starts Here. Good personality and disposition. TWHBEA registered. He stands at just under 15.3 hands.
Seller's Name:   jim holmes
City:   Sikeston
State:   Missouri
Telephone:   573-620-0784
Email address:
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All Bucks Start Here All Bucks Start Here
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